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Hiring high quality legal services shouldn't cost you millions.

With Phylo, you can find a pool of lawyers

at your fingertips, at a fair price and without annoying jargon.

We genuinely care

about understanding your needs

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How do we work?

Once you decide to trust us

it's time to get down to work!


The client chooses Phylo for an on-demand job or acquires a monthly subscription, paying the legal fees in advance.


Phylo assigns an account manager (KAM) to attend to the client's

legal needs.


The KAM chooses the best lawyer from our freelance network for the job at hand.


The chosen lawyer performs the service.


The KAM reviews and performs quality control on the deliverables.


The client's request is delivered with a quality guarantee.

What people are saying about Phylo

We are innovative lawyers


We innovate with technology: We use Lex-Box  (Artificial Intelligence software) to automate contracts.  We also use other technological tools in our backoffice that make us more



We innovate at the organizational level: We use a remote collaborative economy network of highly vetted lawyers.

Legal Design

We innovate to make the law more understandable: We design services tailored to your needs.

Su modelo de asesoría legal online, nos ha servido para superar nuestros retos legales con servicios de alta calidad y a precios justos. Hemos trabajado con ellos en temas de gobierno corporativo, negociación de contratos y ahora nos acompañan mensualmente con su Pack Pyme

Teddy Carrascal,

CEO & Co-Founder en Zoom Experience

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